The Herbal Soak, Swirl & Soothe, which is patented and fully trademarked, has already received positive feedback for its treatment of soreness and other maladies involving the hands. It utilizes a double wall design with a compartment to drop in prepackaged Epsom salts or additional herbs. Two pumps inside will swirl the water through Epsom salts and herbs and gently around ones hand approximately 1400 times in 20 minutes. The easy snap on top has a seal that goes around the wrist to maintain the desired temperature. It also makes handling the device as well as clean up simple.


The Herbal Soak, Swirl & Soothe is a self-contained machine with various features. Hot water won’t turn lukewarm just when it was starting to ease the pain. Cold water won’t rise to the temperature of your body. Instead of having to replace the water or only soak until it reaches room temperature, the Herbal Soak, Swirl & Soothe lets you soak at your own pace, for the recommended 20-30 minutes per treatment to relieve your sore painful hands.

When you have a nagging muscle cramp or consistent pain that’s been irritating you all day long, pour some salts and herbs into the warm section to help the heated water ease the hurt.

The big feature, however, are the two industrial chemical pumps that circulates the water throughout the tub.  This component moves the water around the soaking appendage, evening out the temperature and equally distributing any added salts. 

It goes even further, propelling the water over every facet of the submerged appendage. This  creates a massage-like experience, providing a level of therapeutic relief that simply soaking does not.