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Herbal Swirl and Soothe

The Herbal Soak, Swirl and Soothe was created and developed by Jerome J. Fleming. A lifelong machinist and milwright, Fleming understands the toll work and life can take on a person's hands. He's researched and tried various methods and herbal mixtures to ease his hand pain and treat his skin. The machine he built is the culmination of all those trials, combining the best, most effective methods into one package. Early testimonials agree that it works.

Hobart, IN 46342




James Brooks is my golf coach and he suggested I try his sample machine. Utterly Fabulous!! As a piano player, my hands are very important to me. I could not believe how wonderful this product made them feel. A MUST BUY!! I will suggest to all my allumni friends at Berklee College of Music!

I have Dupuytrens disease, this effects both of my hands that causes pain, joint swelling and contractures. There is no current treatment for this. Until now! I have found Herbal Soak and Soothe!! This all natural treatment helps more than I can tell you. I use this machine and have immediate relief of my symptoms. Thank you Jerome and I don't know what I would do without your products! Sincerely happy customer! Dana Brooks
Dana B.
Ive been a Golf Pro for 30 years. I have hit over 1 million golf balls in my life. This is the first product that helps my hands wrists and forearms for complete pain relieve. I have tried many things over the course of my playing, teaching career.Nothing worked like this beautiful soak... I will be showing this to all my friends on the Sunbelt Senior Tour as well as friends that suffer everyday with pain... Thanks Herbal Soak Swirl & Soothe.
James B.

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